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FLHMS Dress Code

FLHMS Dress Code


Where can I purchase clothing aligned to the dress code?

Through our partnership with Lands End, you can purchase items that reflect your child's preferences directly from them! Website here: https://www.landsend.com/co/account/school-uniforms?selectedSchoolNum=900202052


We also have specialty dress code items available for purchase with Scholar points at the Swag Shoppe!


Why do we have a dress code?

At FLHMS, we want to show PRIDE in our school, our scholar’s achievements, and represent with our colors! We support and show off our community pride when we represent the school proudly in the building and in the community. Originally developed in response to requests from families to ease the economic and social pressure that student’s face due to clothing choices, over the years students and staff have designed and developed an awesome array of options for students to choose from -- from polos to hoodies and t-shirts galore! Leadership groups sport their own special shirts each year. Four years ago, FLHMS students voted on new school colors (navy blue and gold!) and the School Leadership Team, with input from teachers, families, and school leaders, decided to adopt the current dress code. Each year students add onto their scholar swag with new designs and special edition options! 

What is the Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School dress code?

        SHIRTS / TOPS

  • All students must wear a navy blue or gold t-shirt or long sleeve to school each day.
  • The navy blue or gold top must be worn throughout the day.
  • All sweaters, sweatshirts, or long sleeved shirts that students may want to layer on to stay warm must be navy blue or gold.


  • Students have a choice of wearing jeans, khaki pants, shorts, or other colored pants.
  • Students can wear dresses or  skirts; however, students must dress appropriately on days they have P.E. so that they can participate.

We respectfully request that all student dress and appearance is neat, clean, in good repair, and in good taste. For example, shirts must be large enough that they cover the student’s stomach, and pants must fit so that undergarments do not show.  Clothing that is extremely tight fitting or too short is not acceptable for the school environment. Head gear (e.g., hats, hoods, do-rags, bandanas) of any kind is only permitted on specific School Spirit Days. 

What happens if a student comes to school out of Dress Code?


  1. Students will be asked to put on dress code appropriate clothing so that they do not miss any class.
  2. Families will be contacted by the school and will be expected to bring appropriate clothing to school for the student.  
  3. If the school has shirts to loan the student, families will be notified and students will sign a shirt out for the day and return it at the end of the day.
  4. Once a student is appropriately dressed they will return to class so they do not miss any instruction.  Should a conflict occur, families may be asked to come to the school to clarify the school policy. 

We expect that all students and families will be able to work with the school to find dress code appropriate clothing for students to wear each day. We want our students to be career and college ready! Many professions require a particular dress code or uniform (lawyers, doctors, etc.) and we think that middle school is a great opportunity to ease students into the types of expectations in professional learning environments!     

Acceptable Under FLHMS Dress Code for All Students


  • Navy blue or gold short- or long-sleeved polo-style shirts.
  • Navy blue or gold sweaters or sweater vests.
  • Navy blue or gold collared shirts.
  • Navy blue or gold T-shirts



  •  Any appropriately fitted bottoms (jeans, pants or shorts) are acceptable in 2022-23 school year. 



  • Preferred for safety: sneakers, shoes, and boots. 
  • On P.E. days, sneakers are required.


Unacceptable Under FLHMS Dress Code for All Students


  • Exposed midriffs or backs
  • Low-cut necklines
  • Exposed undergarments
  •  Shirts / hoodies / sweatshirts / sweaters of any kind in a color other than navy blue or gold.
  • Any article of clothing that has inappropriate messages or images



  • Exposed undergarments.



  • On P.E. days / outdoor recess, any footwear besides sneakers.
  • Shoes that are not appropriate to be worn outside (e.g., bedroom slippers).



  • Bandanas are not allowed.
  • All headphones/earbuds are only permitted as instructed by the teacher. Bluetooth headphones are not permitted. At all other times they should be out of site in a backpack.


School Spirit Days

The only exceptions to FLHMS dress code are school spirit days.

  • School spirit days will be scheduled throughout the school year and will specifically detail what students may wear to school.   
  • Students are expected to follow the school spirit day guidelines for school dances.