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Mission & Vision


At FLHMS, we aim to equip students with the skills necessary to advocate for themselves, others, and their world through critical thinking, effective work habits, and compassionate actions. In our school logo, you can see this shortened to, “Work effectively. Think critically. Act compassionately.” The shortened version serves as a reminder and call to action for staff, students, and families. 


Engaging and empowering all students to advocate for themselves and their world and play an active role in building and participating in resilient and vibrant communities.  

Instructional Focus

Reading, speaking, and writing about diverse texts and engaging explorations in every class, every day, accessible to all students.

Theory of Action

If we provide students with frequent opportunities to read, speak, and write in every class with clear feedback to students during each lesson so they know their next steps, then students will complete each grade having grown at least two grade levels in one year or at or above grade level in reading and mathematics.