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High School Open House Info and Tours

Go to the High School Directory to find more schools offering Virtual Open Houses and Virtual Tours! 


If you have questions, email Erica at erica@fannielou.org

High School Fair

High School Name

Date and Time

Link or Website

NYC CTE Virtual High School Fairs

Goes until December 5th


Virtual High School Open House or Virtual Tour

High School Name

Date and Time

Link or Website

Bronxdale High School

  • Wednesday, Dec. 16th at 6 PM


HERO High School

  • December 3rd
  • December 15th 
  • January 2nd
  • January 19th 
  • All @ 6pm


TAPCo- Theatre Arts Production Company School

December 2nd- Wednesday at 1:30 pm LIVE


Gramercy Arts High School

  • 12/5 
  • 12/7-12/10


Bronx High School of Science

This is a Specialized High School. Anyone can apply and take the test for this school!! Let Erica know if you are interested!



Lehman HS 

  • Thursday, December 3rd at 7pm
  • Thursday, December 17th at  7pm

Link to register: https://forms.gle/yYHfKM923Af3f2Qw8